Bamboo craft

This time I visited the village Jipangan Bangunjiwo. which is the central woven bamboo craft.
Experience as a seller of bamboo, often sending Colt T120 Pickup driving, sometimes within a day 2, 3 times send wulung bamboo. Even I was overwhelmed to provide the raw material of this craft, because of lack of suppliers. A truck cut bamboo 600 bamboo wulung contents could be discharged within 1 week.
Wulung Bamboo is processed into various forms of craft. Some make baskets / basket, there is that makes kitchen appliances, but the most is the fan handicraft makers. Fan made not only used by traders satay, but also for the souvenir book for the wedding reception. Even this relatively inexpensive souvenir prices, ranging between Rp 1,000 to Rp 3,500

Well for those who want to get married might want to order souvenir bamboo fan please order here.
Or direct contact Phone number (0274) 9187663.
For those who want a souvenir in another form here also provide small sculptures from clay that was formed to fit the customer. The price is not much different from the price of the fan, depending on the type, big and small items that made the difficulty level.


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